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The assistance program for South Sudan street children

Ponad 10 tysięcy dzieci żyje na ulicach miast Sudanu Południowego bez opieki i środków do życia. Razem możemy zmienić ich rzeczywistość!

As a result of a civil war which lasted almost 50 years, more than 10 000 children in South Sudan have become street children. They decided to leave their houses in villages because their families were not able to satisfy their most basic needs such as food, the access to education or clothes. Uncared-for and robbed of home, they live on the streets stealing in order to survive the next day. Many of them suffer from extreme exhaustion, hunger and severe illnesses. Missionaries and our volunteers try to change this situation.

What does your donation change?


You provide medical care which saves children’ health and life.


You provide a meal so that children don’t have to steal food to survive.


You provide remedial education which enables children to join the school.


You provide vocational education which enables youngsters to find a job and earn a  living.


You bring the youngest children back to their families.

You help us take 200 children from the street every year by supporting this initiative.

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