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A deep water well in Tanzania

630.Tylu uczniów szkoły podstawowej im. Św. Seweryna w Biharamulo nie ma dostępu do zdrowej wody pitnej. Możesz pomóc im ją zapewnić!

630 pupils of Biharamulo St. Severin Primary School have no access to healthy drinking water. So do teachers, school workers and inhabitants in the neighbourhood. The school and the boarding school for children, built by Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service in 2008-2009, are the part of catholic Biharamulo Parish, north-western Tanzania by the Lake Victoria. It is one of the poorest regions in the country.


The school uses the urban water supply system for a payment but water is not sufficiently treated and due to its low pressure it cannot be used in showers. This is a crucial problem as children age 6-14 attend the school and the boarding school. If the educational institution had its own well, money for the fee could be used for the educational program. Every Polish zloty gives a chance that new pupils will be able to attend the school.

To improve the level of education, the school invites teachers out of the borders of Biharamulo, even from Kenya and Uganda. It is difficult to urge them to live in houses on the school premises if they are not provided there with a basic standard of life.

The life in our school will be easier and safer thanks to such help

We are waiting for your help!